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HP Accelerates the Path to Industrial 3D Manufacturing

HP 3D Printers HP Jet Fusion 32 4200 printers

3D printing is one of the most disruptive technologies of our time, spearheading a new 4th Industrial Revolution that will radically change the way we conceive, design, produce, distribute, and consume pretty much everything.

But until now, 3D printing hasn’t been a viable means of large-scale industrial manufacturing (think big factories) because of prohibitively expensive production costs and limited technology. In order to realize HP’s vision of digitally transforming the $12 trillion global manufacturing industry, the economics of 3D printing needed to be completely rewritten.

Recently, HP announced that it has smashed that economic barrier and paved the way for cost-effective, industrial-scale 3D manufacturing with the new Jet Fusion 3D 4210 Printing Solution. The new solution increases production volume for HP Jet Fusion 3D printers by enabling continuous operation, greater overall system efficiency, and the ability handle larger quantities of 3D printing materials, while significantly lowering production costs with reduced pricing on HP’s 3D materials and shared service contracts.

When put together with HP’s industry-leading […]

The Cimquest Manufacturing Lab

Cimquest was founded in 1990 as a reseller of CAM & CAD software and soon became a premier training facility. At times we heard our customers struggle with applying new tooling and equipment with the latest Mastercam toolpaths and we wanted to address this issues. We began to build partnerships with tooling, fixturing, and machine tool companies to teach how all these components work together. Shortly after these partnerships started the vision of the lab began.

Cimquest Manufacturing Lab

We wanted to develop a lab that is a collaboration of our partners who teach the applications of the latest manufacturing technology – a lab with a team of instructors made up of experienced machinists, tool and mold makers, and engineers. When these folks are not teaching or solving customers problems, they use this lab to learn new tool paths, equipment, or processes to pass that knowledge on.

Cimquest Manufacturing Lab

The Cimquest manufacturing lab has CNC machines and access to the latest in 3D printing to […]

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How Lumenium Saves 85% of Cost with 3D Printing

Lumenium is another of the pioneer customers. The company is a Virginia-based advanced engine technology company. They are also the inventor and developer of a highly innovative family of internal combustion engines (IDAR Engines).

The Lumenium Inverse Displacement Asymmetrical Rotational Engine (IDAR Engine) is a novel design for producing robust, efficient, internal combustion. Its unique engine geometry provides unparalleled power density for dramatic efficiency gains and work output from a smaller, lighter engine. Qualities include lower fuel consumption and meaningfully lower emissions through more complete combustion at lower temperatures.

Lumenium demonstrates how the connecting rod was scanned.

Working with Desktop Metal, an optimized design with self-supporting angles to reduce 3D printing time and material consumption was created. This redesigned part improved the ratio of part volume to material volume with uniform geometry and no overhanging features, meaning that the support structures are extremely light in comparison to the weight of the part. Desktop Metal explains,

“On the top and bottom of the saddle carrier, Lumenium typically machines the channels that mate onto the […]

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Desktop Metal Ships Their Metal 3D Printer to Google

The Desktop Metal Studio System with metal 3D printer, debinding station and furnace.

The first metal 3D printing system from Desktop Metal is FFF/FDM based and also includes a debinder and sintering furnace. According to the company it is 10 times less expensive than existing technology today.

The Studio System was first announced in April and uses a filament containing bound metal rods that are 3D printed to create a green part. This can then be sintered in the furnace to create a dense metal component. Early reports from pioneer customers praise the process.

Metal 3D Printing at Google
The first customer to receive one of the Studio System metal 3D printers was Google’s Advanced Technology and Products (ATAP) group. While Desktop Metal cannot reveal precisely how ATAP are using the machine, past projects at ATAP have tended to focus on mobile hardware. One such endeavour was the now defunct Project Ara – aimed at making a modular phone.

“This marks the first time our team will be able to use metal 3D printing for […]

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Mastercam and WIDIA Offer Simple Tooling Data Solution

Mastercam and WIDIA


Mastercam has collaborated with WIDIA, the original German tungsten carbide tool developers, to provide a solution that enables CAM users to quickly import tool assemblies from WIDIA NOVO directly into Mastercam 2018.

Mastercam developers worked closely with WIDIA to let users import 3D tool assemblies directly into Mastercam, validate them, and save them in their Mastercam file and/or Tool Library. Features such as automated filtering ensure that the holders and tools that are selected can work together for the particular job. Users of Mastercam benefit from having the correct tooling for the material and for the type of machining operation, plus an accurate 3D model that can be used for visualization and collision checking, in addition to the time savings.

“We found that in the past, our customers complained of having to search through big complicated catalogs to find related parts, then having to request or build the assemblies from scratch for use in systems such as Mastercam. With the integration of WIDIA NOVO and Mastercam, customers save significant time […]

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Desktop Metal Named “2017 Best of What’s New” in Engineering

Popular Science Names Desktop Metal Production System “2017 Best of What’s New” in Engineering

Highlighting its speed and inkjet technology, Popular Science recognized the Desktop Metal Production System™ with its “2017 Best of What’s New” award in the Engineering category. The Production System is the first metal 3D printing system for mass production of complex metal parts that is up to 100 times faster than current laser systems. Arriving in 2018, the Production System delivers the speed, quality, and cost-per-part needed to compete with traditional manufacturing processes.

Created by the inventors of ground-breaking technologies in both 3D and 2D printing – binder jetting by Ely Sachs and single pass inkjet by Paul Hoisington – the Production System builds metal parts in a matter of minutes instead of hours. Leveraging low-cost Metal Injection Molding (MIM) powder, it is designed to deliver high throughput and per-part costs that are competitive with traditional manufacturing processes—up to 20x lower than today’s laser-based additive manufacturing systems.

“The Best of What’s New awards honor the innovations that shape the […]

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