27 01, 2015

Stratasys Scores with 3D Printed Football!

By | January 27th, 2015|

Re-posted from Stratasys Blog 27 Jan. 2015 by Stephen Burg Stratasys 3D printing and sports have often teamed up with winning results. Kite surfing, snowboarding, skiing, motors sports, fencing - all had their competitive edge sharpened with 3D printing. We even worked with the University of Texas at Dallas to help them improve their sports [...]

2 01, 2015

3D Printed Surgical Models Improving Implant Surgery While Saving Time and Money in Twelve UK Hospitals

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To understand why 3D printed surgical guides are making such an impact on medical procedures, you need look no further than Replica 3DM. This innovative supplier of medical and commercial 3D printed models is using its Stratasys 3D Printers to support 12 UK National Health Service (NHS) hospitals. The surgical models produced on the company’s Objet24 [...]

5 11, 2014

Stratasys Goes All Out, Announces 12 New High-performance 3D Printers and Materials

By | November 5th, 2014|

Reprinted from 3DPrint.com Stratasys, with dual headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and Rehovot, Israel, has announced 12 new high-performance 3D printers and materials, in a move which should provide investors with renewed confidence in their rapidly growing business. The new products, which will be unveiled at EuroMold 2014, at the end of this month, include [...]

2 09, 2014

Mastercam X8 Now Available

By | September 2nd, 2014|

Mastercam X8 has just been released! Its sleek interface and crisp graphics are the first things you will notice. But it’s the streamlined workflow, toolpath advancements and Dynamic Motion efficiencies that will make the biggest impact on your work environment and profitability. Enhanced usability and workflow Streamlined interface and enhanced graphical interaction simplify your [...]

18 08, 2014

FDM and PolyJet 3D Printing: Determining Which Technology is Right for Your Application

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There’s recently been a lot of news about FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and PolyJet 3D printing technologies. So, when entering the market for an additive manufacturing system, it’s beneficial to have a deeper understanding of the differences between the two technologies to select the 3D printer with the right set of capabilities for your business. [...]

24 07, 2014

Using the Stratasys uPrint / Dimension vs Fortus

By | July 24th, 2014|

Working at Cimquest you have a few advantages. A distinct one is having over a dozen top of the line 3D Printers at your disposal. Occasionally that means you get a few slightly unnecessary toys sitting around the office… However, our primary goal is in using the printers to educate. And that [...]

2 07, 2014

Stratasys Case Study – Instrumentation Laboratory

By | July 2nd, 2014|

“FDM helped us achieve a manufacturing cost reduction of 40%. That’s 10% more than the traditional approach would have offered.” — Scott Notaro, Medical Engineering Manager, Instrumentation Laboratory Instrumentation Laboratory is a worldwide manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic instruments, related reagents and controls for use primarily in hospitals and independent clinical laboratories. The company's [...]

16 06, 2014

What is Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion?

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Mastercam is pulling back the curtain to dig a little deeper into shoowing you just what their Dynamic Motion revolutionary technology can do for you. And if you’re a current Mastercam user, the news is even better. They’ve been including Dynamic Motion technology for more than five years and  are constantly expanding it across the core of the Mastercam suite. [...]