3 06, 2014

How Stratasys Is Leading The Next Industrial Revolution

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Reprinted from http://tcbmag.com/ Ask around about what’s happening with the increasingly talked-about technology called 3-D printing and you’ll hear a barrage of comments that sound like something Isaac Asimov would say: “Did you know you can print canoes?” “They’re printing cars!” “Did you hear about the human heart they made?” “There’s a printer making edible food.” [...]

22 05, 2014

The Mastercam X8 Technology Preview is Live!

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In late January, CNC Software launched the Mastercam X8 closed Beta program, working with over 200 Beta testers in the customer and Reseller networks. They've gone through four full Beta release cycles, gathering a lot of information and invaluable feedback while working with users and shop-testing the software. The Beta has just been opened to [...]

4 03, 2014

A Handheld 3D Scanner Turning Heads at the Trade Shows

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Columbus, Ohio-based company, Knockout Concepts, is developing a mobile 3D Scanner. Their objective is to create the mobile 3D Scanner that can go wherever you go and capture whatever what you see. The 3D Scanner is a first-of-its-kind unit which contains an integrated depth sensor from Primesense, the same technology used in 3D Systems’ own [...]