There is a new enhancement to the Mastercam chaining system called Guided Solid Chaining. In previous versions you would have to carefully pick your way along a complex chain to get the correct branches in 3D wireframe or in the Linked Edge Solid Chaining mode.

Now, in Mastercam 2018, the new Guided Chaining feature is active in both Solid and 3D wireframe chaining, which makes it very easy to direct the path the way you want.

Mastercam Guided Solid Chaining

If you used Linked Edge Chaining in a previous Mastercam version you would have to adjust the zoom level to pick some of the smaller edges. If you wanted to offset the 3D curves you would have to pick your way thru all the corner branches. Even then, the offset still might fail.

If you repeat these processes in Mastercam 2018 you will see the new Chain Guidance features both in the graphics screen and in the chaining box.

Mastercam Guided Solid Chaining

You can either click directly on the Dynamic Guidance arrows or use the buttons to advance or alter direction. It’s that easy.

As you can see, these new chain guidance controls make it very clear which direction your chains are going. Please be sure to sign up for our 2 Minute Tuesday video series to receive tips and tricks like this one in video form every week. More info at the button below.

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