Mastercam X3 to Sunset Soon


Are you still using Mastercam X3, which was created almost a full decade ago?

Just imagine the technological advances in those ten years. Although Mastercam X3 will still get the job done, you’re missing out on dramatic enhancements and time saving features that weren’t available at that time.

With the upcoming release of Mastercam X8, Mastercam X3 will no longer be supported and you will not be able to update without buying at full price. By updating now, you have the limited opportunity for incredible savings.

Here are just a few of the thousands of enhancements since Mastercam X3 that can save your shop time and money:
• Dramatically faster solids programming with Feature Based Machining
• Better finish and longer tool life with new High Speed Toolpaths
• Smart Hybrid Finishing that intelligently blends two efficient cutting techniques in a single toolpath
• New Dynamic Milling and Lathe toolpath techniques, dramatically improving machining time and reducing tooling costs.
• The power to open virtually any CAD file, including SolidWorks files, complete with history
• New roughing toolpath strategies that can increase productivity by 75% or more
• And so much more


Dynamic Motion’s material-aware technique can reduce cycle times by 25% to 75%:

Dramatically extended tool life means fewer tool changes, more parts, and less expense.

Smooth motion and fewer toolpath reversals mean that your machines take less wear and tear.

New machines, old machines – Dynamic Motion makes them all perform better.

Hard materials pose unique problems – Dynamic Motion makes the tough materials easier.

Find out about the numerous exciting and time-saving tools added to Mastercam since Mastercam X3 here.