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3D Metal Printing with Desktop Metal

Metal 3D printing has barely scratched the surface.  More than 20 years after its introduction; it’s still too industrial and expensive for prototyping and it’s not fast enough to be used for series production.  In response to these independent problems, Desktop Metal was created to change the way products are brought to market with metal 3D printing.  

What: This session will provide you with an excellent introduction/overview of 3D Metal Printing with Desktop Metal.

Join Cimquest for a presentation and open discussion about Desktop Metal’s affordable, safe and precise metal 3D printing solutions.  Topics of discussion will include the process, materials and how this technology will impact how we prototype and manufacture metal parts.

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When: September 12, 9AM – Noon

Where: Knowledge Center, Erie, PA

Eventbrite - NWIRC Desktop Metal Forum - affordable and safe 3D metal printing

CEC Event

When: September 13, 9AM – Noon

Where: CEC of Elk & Cameron Counties, St Marys, PA

Eventbrite - CEC Desktop Metal Forum, Affordable and safe 3D metal printing