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Cimquest Announces Partnership with Rize

Branchburg, NJ (October 12, 2017)

Cimquest has announced an agreement with Rize Inc. to sell and support the Rize 3D printing platform in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast territories, encompassing the state of Virginia all the way through Maine. In addition to their current offerings of HP and Desktop Metal 3D printers, Cimquest can now offer the Rize™ One powered by the patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) process.

“With so many new introductions of 3D Printers over the last several years failing to meet customers’ expectations, it is very refreshing to see how Rize has hit the mark in quality, reliability and performance with the new Rize One 3D Printer, said Rob Hassold, Founder and CEO of Cimquest. “With the unmatched ability to produce uniform part strength in a machine that is environmentally safe, we are seeing amazing interest from many business sectors such as: schools and universities as well as military applications in confined spaces.”

“We are delighted to partner with Cimquest.” said Rize Founder and resident, Eugene Giller. “As one of the leading additive manufacturing and CAD/CAM integrators in North America, Cimquest is ideally positioned to bring the unique material properties and process benefits of Rize’s patented, APD technology to its customer base.”

Suitable for a lab, office or field environment, Rize™ One is the only 3D printer that harnesses Rize’s patented Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD) platform. APD involves the simultaneous extrusion of Rize’s own compound of engineering- and medical-grade thermoplastic and jetting functional inks wherever they are needed to change the material properties of the thermoplastic at the voxel level. This enables users to jet Release One ink between the support material and the part for quick, easy, clean and safe support removal with their hands. This can be immediately followed by printing and Marking Ink, for 3D printing detailed text and images in and on parts. Rize parts are watertight and have isotropic strength, are twice as strong as ABSplus and even stronger than polycarbonate and carbon fiber-reinforced parts in the Z-axis. They have a high HDT, can be sterilized and provide chemical resistance to acid, acetone, alcohol and more. Moreover, the APD process and materials are safe and environmentally friendly and the printer itself is desktop size, so it can be used virtually anywhere for fast, easy and affordable production of replacement and custom tooling, fixtures, jigs and end-use parts.

Cimquest will demonstrate Rize APD technology and the Rize One 3D printer at next week’s Advanced Manufacturing Expo, where Eugene will also deliver a presentation, “The Challenges Additive Manufacturing Technologies Face in Achieving Isotropic Strength


Cimquest Now a Reseller of HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology

Branchburg, NJ (September 25, 2017)

Cimquest has announced an agreement with HP Inc. to sell and support HP Jet Fusion 3D printers in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast territories, encompassing the state of Virginia all the way through Maine.

“I am excited to combine Cimquest’s award-winning customer service with HP’s award-winning 3D printing platform. Our 19 years of 3D printing and 28 years of subtractive manufacturing (Mastercam) experience coupled with HP’s true high volume production technology provides a unique solution to the market.  No single manufacturing process stands alone and with our expertise with many manufacturing processes, Cimquest is well suited to support our customers’ selection and implementation of 3D printing.” Says Rob Hassold – Founder/CEO of Cimquest, Inc.

The HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 solution offers an end-to-end platform for prototyping and production based on HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology. This solution lowers the barriers of entry to additive manufacturing by providing faster build speeds, high-quality functional parts, and breakthrough economics. The HP Jet Fusion 3D 4200 machine operates through a unique Multi-Agent printing process, offering dimensional accuracy, fine aesthetics, and superior mechanical properties. Parts can currently be printed in High Reusability PA 12, but many new materials will be available down the line through HP’s Open Materials program. HP’s Open Materials program enables third-party companies to develop unique materials that are certified for HP Multi Jet Fusion, providing customers with an ever-growing portfolio of materials for different applications. Learn more about how the technology works here:

Interested parties are welcome to see the HP Jet Fusion printer at the Advanced Manufacturing Expo being held October 18th and 19th at Cimquest’s NJ headquarters, where more than 10 different 3D Printer manufacturers will be exhibiting. There will also be more than 25 unique technical seminars covering specific technologies and applications.  To register and for further information go to

About Cimquest, Inc.:
Cimquest, Inc. is a leading resource for 3D Printing, CAM, and Reverse Engineering solutions. They operate the largest 3D printing showroom in the Northeast and have been helping designers and manufacturers bring ideas to life for 27 years. Cimquest additionally provides rapid prototyping services, 3D scanning & inspection services, Mastercam training, manufacturing training, and technical support.


Cimquest expands through the Addition of Fisher Unitech’s Mastercam Related Business

Branchburg, NJ –  Last month, Cimquest, Inc, a leading provider of manufacturing products and services, announced the expansion of the company’s Mastercam business territory.  As of August 16, 2017, Cimquest has taken over Fisher Unitech’s Mastercam business in Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia… for Mastercam sales, support and services. The deal significantly expands Cimquest’s Mastercam customer base and sales territory, which now encompasses Virginia all the way through Maine.

Cimquest would like to welcome Brian Brown, Tony DiSanto, Chris Jepson, Andy Lowry, Todd Patterson, Jeff Reiser and Mike Steelman to their team. They are excited to have such a strong team of Mastercam experts to add to their world-class talent who together will offer unparalleled support, consulting and training services to the manufacturing community. With the addition of the Fisher Mastercam technical team, Cimquest will be the largest Mastercam support organization in the world!

“This is truly exciting times; with our expanded customer base and team of experts we are now going to be able to provide a complete range of solutions and services unmatched by any other CAD/CAM CNC support organization in the world.  Look for more announcements about additional offerings from Cimquest such as CNC Programming services and Advanced Manufacturing training that goes well beyond the scope of Mastercam,” says Rob Hassold, CEO/Founder of Cimquest.

Mastercam President Meghan S. West stated “Cimquest has been a trusted and loyal reseller since 1990.  We are both confident and pleased for the customers in their expanded territory.  The level of service that Cimquest provides is at the top of the industry.  Mastercam users are in exceptional hands and should look forward to a strong support network in this new territory”.

Additionally, Cimquest Stratasys customers will be supported by Fisher Unitech. Fisher Unitech will no longer be representing Mastercam and Cimquest will no longer be representing Stratasys. Although Cimquest will no longer be selling and supporting Stratasys products, they now have the opportunity to build a much more diversified 3D printer portfolio to better serve their customers’ needs. Cimquest  will be announcing new 3D printing  partnerships in plastic, metal and other materials in the near future.

About Mastercam

Mastercam NC programming software for 2-axis, 3-axis, simultaneous 4-axis & 5-axis milling, multi axis lathe, Mill-Turn, Wire EDM and routers. Founded in MA in 1983, CNC Software, Inc. is one of the oldest developers of PC-based computer-aided design / computer-aided manufacturing software. They are one of the first to introduce CAD/CAM software designed for both machinists and engineers.  For more information, visit

About Cimquest, Inc.:

Cimquest, Inc. is the leading resource for Mastercam, 3D printing solutions, and 3D scanning/inspection technology. Cimquest, Inc.’s headquarters and Advanced Manufacturing Showroom is located in Branchburg, NJ. To learn more about Cimquest, Inc.’s products, services, support and training offerings, visit


Cimquest Inc. signs contract to Re-sell Desktop Metal 3D Printing Systems

Branchburg, NJ, (May 15, 2017) Cimquest, the leading resource for Mastercam and 3D Printers is now contracted to sell Desktop Metal. This means that in addition to offering, Mastercam, 3D scanning and inspection, as well as traditional 3D printers, Cimquest can now offer the New England and Mid-Atlantic territories a Metal 3D Printer at a price point that will allow the manufacturing community to venture into the exciting field of 3D Metal Printing.

This will open up new opportunities for current Cimquest customers, from Maine to Maryland, and allow them to get into the metal 3D printing arena. Rob Hassold, CEO of Cimquest says, “I am excited that with Desktop Metal prototyping and production system technology we are the first reseller in the world to be able to leverage 19 years of additive manufacturing experience as well as over 27 years of subtractive (Mastercam) CNC programming technology to provide state-of-art manufacturing solutions for today’s industry leaders. With over 25 technical experts serving the additive and subtractive space we are well positioned to handle almost any challenge served by those technologies.”

Some of the benefits of this new Desktop Metal 3D printing system include:

  • The Desktop Metal Studio System is 10 times less expensive than existing technology today.
  • It eliminates the need for expensive, industrial facilities to safely house the technology.
  • Makes metal 3D printing drop-dead simple.
  • Significantly increases the versatility of prototyping.

The DM Studio System is available to reserve in May with shipping beginning in August 2017.  The complete DM Studio System, including printer, debinder, and furnace, is $120,000.  The DM Production System is available to reserve in May for shipping beginning in 2018.

Cimquest will be hosting a special webinar on May 19th at 9AM to present Desktop Metal’s unique and affordable metal printing process. Learn how the rules of traditional metal manufacturing solutions are changing with the advent of innovative approaches that reduce costs and significantly increase speed, safety, and print quality. Register online today to learn how Desktop Metal plans to reinvent the way engineering and manufacturing teams produce metal parts – from prototyping through mass production.  Follow this link to register for this free webinar:

About Desktop Metal

Desktop Metal, Inc., based in Burlington, Massachusetts, is accelerating the transformation of manufacturing with end-to-end metal 3D printing solutions. Founded in 2015 by leaders in advanced manufacturing, metallurgy, and robotics, the company is addressing the unmet challenges of speed, cost, and quality to make metal 3D printing an essential tool for engineers and manufacturers around the world. For more information, visit