Mastercam for SolidWorks

The Best of Both Worlds

MCfSW_thumbMastercam for SOLIDWORKS combines the world’s leading modeling software with the world’s most widely-used CAM software so you can program parts directly in SOLIDWORKS, using toolpaths and machining strategies preferred by shops around the world. With Mastercam toolpaths integrated directly within the SOLIDWORKS environment, the toolpaths are applied directly to the part or assembly. Any design change that Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS encounters is handled quickly, with the affected toolpaths identified so the user can simply rebuild them. Configurations are also handled with ease, and copying toolpaths from one configuration to another is as simple as a right-click!

Mastercam is more widely used than any other CAM program.
For you, this means a few very good things. First, there’s a large and ever-growing base of potential employees already trained and comfortable with Mastercam. More trained, experienced, and certified Mastercam programmers makes your workforce focused and ready for expansion. Second, we are shop-tested. Our software engineers are constantly reaching out to customers to improve and streamline our products. This makes Mastercam the easy choice for the long haul.


Product Details

Ultimately Flexible and Expandable

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS’ comprehensive suite of toolpaths and functions means there’s always more than one way to get the job done. Once you program a part, no matter how complex, you can modify any element of the job, and immediately get updated toolpaths without starting over. You can also build a library of your favorite machining strategies. Choose any of your saved operations, apply them to a part, and Mastercam helps adapt them to the new model. Because Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS is a fully integrated gold partner, it’s fast, easy, and productive. The way programming should be.

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS’ fully associative toolpaths let you efficiently
make changes without slowing down. Updated Stock Modeling, Toolpath
Verification, and Simulation features provide increased confidence on every
project. The new Tool Manager delivers a fast, efficient way to create and
organize your tooling assemblies.

Serious 2D Capability

Your daily needs for 2D machining can range from simple to very complex. Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS delivers the tools you need.

  • Feature Based Machining (FBM) automatically programs prismatic solid model pockets, contours, and drilling routines, letting you save or change the strategies at any time.
  • Contour and pocket remachining use smaller tools to automatically clean out material left from previous operations.

Dynamic Motion powers much of our 2D suite, constantly adapting to create smoother, safer motion and making better use of the entire tool.

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS’ 2D toolpaths deliver easy
and optimized pocketing, contouring, drilling, facing,
and much more.



Our 3D Finish is More Finished


Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS’ extensively shop-tested 3D toolpaths provide unsurpassed control on surface cuts, delivering superior finishes and optimized cycle times. Our smart hybrid finishing creates a single toolpath that changes cut methods as the slope of the model changes. And our 3D Toolpath Refinement gives you a finished look to please even your toughest customers.

  • Dramatically efficient roughing powered by Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology.
  • Constant scallop machining maintains a consistent finish on sloped and flat surfaces alike.
  • Constant-Z rest milling (remachining) identifies and machines areas and critical depths that need to be cut with a smaller tool.
  • Pencil tracing walks a tool along intersections to clean out hard-to-reach areas, such as internal fillets. Single or multiple passes deliver precision cleanup.

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS

From the smallest medical part to the largest automotive mold, Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS ensures efficient roughing and precision finishing for any product.

Multiaxis Complexity Simplified.

Multiaxis machining can dramatically increase a shop’s competitiveness. Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS gives you streamlined control over the three crucial elements of multiaxis machining: cut pattern, tool axis control, and collision avoidance. From 4-axis rotary and roll die cutting to multiblade impellers with tight internal cuts, Mastercam helps simplify even the most complex jobs.

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS

From basic 5-axis contours to Dynamic roughing and
complex finishing, Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS is built to
streamline multiaxis programming.

Other highlights include:

  • Multisurface 5-axis roughing and finishing (including depth cuts), plunge roughing, and flowline machining.
  • Swarf fanning and swarf machining over multisurface floors.
  • Advanced gouge checking and a 5-axis “safe zone” around the work piece.
  • Fast, simple 5-axis trimming and drilling.
  • Create full 5-axis motion from a 3-axis toolpath.

Fully integrated turning for SOLIDWORKS

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS’ powerful turning strategies compliment our milling toolpaths, giving you a complete toolkit from basic finishing, to face and cross contour and drilling, and more. Dependable toolpath verification gives you the confidence to run the most complex toolpaths on your machine, and Machine and Control Definition delivers a new way to make sure your parts are done right the first time.

  • Easy roughing, finishing, threading, grooving, boring, drilling, and cut off.
  • Dynamic Motion roughing extends insert life.
  • Intelligent ID and OD roughing, including roughing to a boundary for castings.
  • Tool Inspection lets you automatically stop machining, allowing you to check the insert during your roughing, finishing, and grooving operations.

Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS for turning

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