Mastercam Maintenance

Providing Value, Productivity, and Savings to Mastercam Customers

What Mastercam Maintenance Delivers To You

Major Releases
Major releases are made available to customers with active Maintenance at no additional charge. The software is marked for special handling to help ensure that Maintenance customers receive their software first.

Maintenance Releases
These include new tools, new options and additions to existing Mastercam features, and are available only to Mastercam Maintenance customers.

This means you’ll have early access to any brand new features that are pre-released to Maintenance customers and you can download these as soon as they are ready. These features will be available to non-maintenance customers only with the next major release or purchase of a new seat of Mastercam, giving your shop an extra competitive edge.

Function-Specific Documentation
New and enhanced functions are accompanied by digital documentation to help you get up to speed quickly.


Mastercam Enhancements for Maintenance Customers since Version X3

The following enhancements have been added with the release of Mastercam X9:

Mastercam X9’s powerful tools are designed for the most important job there is – yours. From CAD created with an eye to toward the NC programmer to advances in cutter path creation, Mastercam X9 helps ensure you make the most of your shop.

CAD for CAM Programmers
New tools to get your parts prepped fast.

Expanded Dynamic Motion
Mastercam’s signature technology is more efficient than ever.

Refined Machining, Made Easy
New tools make your jobs faster, easier and ensure the results you want.

Better Ways to See Your Work
Push-pull modeling and editing, feature identification and editing, and more.

Powerful Mill-Turn additions
Crisper simulation and full fixture support.

More Power for your CAM Investment
Several powerful add-on tools are now included at no extra charge.

The following enhancements have been added with the release of Mastercam X7:

Mastercam X7 suite-wide enhancements

File translator updates, including SolidWorks® 2013, Parasolids V24 and AutoDesk® Inventor 2013.
Automatic updates for Mastercam.
64-bit support for Mastercam Art.
New tool manager that supports full tool assemblies in a single database. Also includes holder and tool wizard with instant 3D solids feedback.
New Verify offers many more tools and a new look and feel.

Mastercam X7 Milling enhancements

Faster generation of Stock Models.
Improved Dynamic Mill and OptiRough motion.
Renishaw Productivity+™ integration into Mastercam for on machine probing.
2d High Speed Toolpaths now support multi-threading for faster calculation times.
Peel Mill toolpath now uses true Dynamic motion.
Multiple improvements in Blend Mill toolpath, including new finish passes, chain syncing and new entry/exit settings.
Multi-core support for 3D Raster, Radial and Spiral toolpaths take full advantage of your hardware.
Check surface support for 3D Raster, Waterline, Spiral, Radial and Hybrid toolpaths.
New Oscillate motion for Curve and Swarf 5-axis helps promote even tool wear.
Classic 5-axis toolpaths can now trim to stock.

Mastercam X7 Turning enhancements

New Dynamic Rough toolpath for turning extends insert life.
Additional zigzag motion options for Lathe Rough toolpath.
New Face Grooving start range option.\
Plunge Turn toolpath now supports full radius inserts.
Finish Tool inspection.
Rough remaining stock.

The following enhancements have been added with the release of Mastercam X6:

Mastercam X6 suite-wide enhancements

64 Bit Support
Stock model creation and tracking
Xform fit for inserting parts into clamps and fixtures
Toolpath Menu reorganization
Tool improvements
Parasolids: V23 File translator
Mastercam X6 Milling enhancements

New 2D HST Region Chaining for easier selection
2D HST Dynamic Toolpath improvements
2D Contour smoothing
New OptiRest toolpath
3D HST Hybrid Finish Filler Passes
OptiRough strategy now offers OptiCore and OptiArea
Blade Expert (add-in)
Port Expert (add-in)
Mastercam X6 Turning enhancements

Variable depth roughing for efficient turning with ceramics
Canned Rough and Finish improvements
Facing and Canned Groove Toolpaths
Grooving Toolpath improvements
Finish Tool inspection
Rough Remaining Stock
Mastercam X6 Wire enhancements

New AutoSync Rails
Wirepath Editor improvements

The following enhancements have been added with the release of X5 MU1:

Enhanced STL mesh support for STL machining
File translator updates: ACIS: R22, Catia V5: R22, SolidWorks: 2011, SolidEdge: ST3, Unigraphics: NX7.5, Rhino: V5.
Faster display of tree style dialogs.
New product: Port Expert. Greatly simplifies the process of preparing and machining port and tube cutting applications.
Multiple enhancements in the Curve and Swarf 5-axis toolpaths.
Support for dragging parts from one sheet to another in Nesting
Multiple enhancements for 4-axis Wirepaths
Tab stop locations added to 4-axis Wirepaths
Automatic relief cut chaining added in Mastercam Wire
The following enhancements have been added with the release of X5:

New OptiRough toolpath
New Hybrid Finish toolpath
Improved Multiaxis toolpath interface
New Multiaxis toolpaths
Mastercam Machine Simulation
New Dynamic Rest Mill toolpath
New Dynamic Contour toolpath
Island Facing in 2D HST toolpaths
Circle Mill improvements
Dynamic Plane improvements
ISCAR HEM (High Efficiency Machining) support
Transform toolpath enhancements
Feature Based Machining (FBM) Mill and Drill enhancements
New tool library format
Setup sheet/ActiveReports improvements
Block Drill support in FBM Drill
Automatic Toolpathing (ATP) enhancements
Ability to assign colors to solid faces
Advanced CAD model curvature analysis
Improved bolt circle creation
More powerful post processing customization
New Plunge Turn toolpath in Lathe
Roughing and Cutoff toolpath enhancements
New power library format in Wire
New Art toolpaths

The following was added with the release of X4:

Many level manager improvements
Translator Version Updates
ACIS – R19
AutoCAD® DWG, DXF, DWF – 2009
AutoCAD Inventor IPT, IAM, IDW – 2009
CATIA® V5 – R18
KeyCreator® – V6
Parasolids® – 19
Pro/E® – Wildfire4
Rhino® – 4
Solid Edge® – ST
SolidWorks® – 2009
New dynamic planes and transformation video
Viewsheet improvements
Wireframe feature recognition in chaining video
New user customizable setup sheet
Autohide toolpath manager for backplot/verify
Surface fillet enhancements
Simplified 3d transform function
Multi-thread support video
Tree style 2d toolpath dialogs for better ease of use
Holder definition added to 2d toolpaths
New Dynamic mill toolpath video
Multiple FBM enhancements including: video
Circle milling and helical boring for large holes video
Pre drilling of pilot hole only
Hole mapping
Creation of operations independent of geometry added
Selection of common features added
Better sorting of spot drill toolpaths to minimize tool changes
Slug cutting added to milling
Added additional depth of cut for outside of part
Toolpath refinement added to 3d surface toolpaths for superior finishes video
New minimum tilt added to multi-axis toolpaths video
Multiple materials now supported for Generic Mastercam ATP
Bump nesting now supported in geometry and toolpath nesting video
Multiple chains in a single Lathe groove toolpath now supported
Dwell on finish grooving added
Separate feedrates for rough and finish grooving for more control
Tool inspection check points added to Lathe grooving
New turned profile creation utility, supports spinning or slicing video
Round boring bars now displayed in verify
New Wire interface for Agievision controls

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