Mastercam Mill Turn

Simplifying Complex Machining

millturn-thumbThe most widely-used CAD/CAM software in the world now gives you the confidence to automate your complex programs on today’s high-powered, multi-streamed, multitasking machining centers. Program it right the first time, every time simpler and easier than ever before. Mastercam streamlines the programming process on these complex machines with intelligent job setups that are keyed to the exact machine in your shop. Utilizing intelligent work plane selection, it’s as easy as selecting the spindle and turret you wish to utilize, and creating your toolpaths using Mastercam’s proven milling and lathe toolpaths.

Streamlined Workflow

  1. Job Setup Choose the initial machine environment. Mastercam uses it to automate part transfers, tool plane creation, stock definition, setup, and multi-stream machining.
  2. Tooling and Toolpaths Mastercam Mill-Turn combines our powerful milling and turning strategies with automated tool planes, simplified toolpath and tooling selection, and fast axis combination definitions. This eliminates many of the common programming complexities, saving you time and effort.
  3. Automated Part Transfer Proven, pre-defined strategies simplify the part transfer process and ensure it works the first time.
  4. Interactive Synchronization Management The Sync Manager lets you quickly sync operations across multiple streams, customize G-code output, and provides visual cues to help you optimize toolpath sequencing and the code sent to your machine.
  5. Machine Simulation Simulate machining operations, synching across multiple streams, part transfers, and highlight any potential timing issues or collisions.
  6. Post Your Code and Cut Your Part Send G-code to your machine, confident that it will run with little or no modification needed by the operator.

Product Details

Machine Environment

Mastercam Mill-Turn simplifies today’s high-powered, multi-stream machining centers. Designed to complement Mastercam’s powerful milling and turning toolpaths, Mill-Turn delivers the best in shop-tested cutting techniques combined with the latest in machine and toolpath management and verification. Your workflow is easy: Choose your machine and Mastercam Mill-Turn automates part transfers, toolplanes, stock definition, and setup. Then apply your toolpaths and syncing, verify your project with simulation, and post your code. Changes along the way are fast and easy – the way programming should be.

Mastercam Mill-Turn machine enviornment

Fast and Accurate Simulation

Simulation provides you with the ability to safely and confidently run your job on your machine environment virtually before it reaches the shop floor. All your machine’s components and your project’s machined stock are run on your desktop, ensuring a safe and secure machining experience. You can identify potential collisions, and explore ways to optimize your processes with simulation. Also, you will be able to view all streams and statistics of the entire machining process, and have the capability to jump to any point in the machining process with the click of a button.

Mastercam Mill-Turn Simulation

  • Full simulation of every moving component of your machine, including material, main and sub spindles, tool holders, and part handling devices.
  • Automatic collision detection. Catch potential collisions and identify areas of optimization in a virtual environment prior to running on the machine.
  • Accurately represent spindle and turret indexing.
  • Start, stop, rewind, or jump to any point in simulation using the progress bar and playback features to view specific operations.
  • Simultaneously view all streams while simulating your part, analyze material removal and view statistics on the entire machining process.

Safely run and edit all aspects of your job before cutting chips.

Get the most out of your machines with Sync Manager.

Mastercam Mill-Turn’s Sync Manager is a user-friendly way to optimize part cycle times and avoid collisions before your part reaches the machine. Mill-Turn has the option for unlimited streams where you can drag, drop, and sync operations to your liking. Easily navigate the Gantt-style timeline and vertical stream interface to coordinate operations and track cycle time estimates. It has all of the tools necessary to graphically optimize part cycle times and avoid collisions. With the Sync Manager, you can:

  • Use an unlimited number of streams.
  • Drag, drop, and sync operations across multiple streams.
  • Expand and contract the timeline for trouble-free viewing of the part process.
  • Graphical feedback, tooltips, and color-coded operations keep you better informed.
  • Vertical Stream and Gantt timeline views helps you coordinate machining operations and track cycle time estimates.
  • Customizable programming “tokens” let you tailor the G-code representation in the final output based on your requirements.

Code Expert

Mastercam Code Expert incorporates an entire suite of tools for managing multitasking applications. Easily access your syncing, simulation, and G-code editing and posting from a single simple interface.

System Requirements

  • Processor: 64-bit Intel or AMD.
  • Operating System: 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • System Memory: 8GB.
  • Hard Disk Space: 100GB, 5GB free.
  • Graphics: Dual monitors with minimum 1280 x 1024 resolution monitor, 256 MB graphics memory, OpenGL driver support.
  • Microsoft Products: Microsoft IE v6.0 or higher, Excel and Word 2007 or higher.

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