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Experience the Cimquest Advantage in service and technology! From desktop to large production systems, we have different size printers to choose from – that means you get the most cost effective solution for your specific job. If precision is essential, our 3D IRIS scanning technology can provide you with detailed reports of your printed part’s accuracy. Leverage our team of CAD design experts to create your design or simply upload your CAD file into our exclusive APTUS engine for an immediate quote.


Our Focus

In today’s manufacturing arena, technological advancements arrive at an exponentially increasing pace. It is essential for manufacturers to evaluate, adopt, and most effectively implement these technologies to remain competitive in the global marketplace. At Cimquest we position our customers to select the appropriate tools for their needs, efficiently utilize those applications, and remain current with emerging technologies. Our training and consulting is tailored to your unique operations, ensuring you yield the best possible results and return on investments. Essentially, we help you make things better.

Our Expertise

Customization is the key to quality customer service that exceeds expectations. At Cimquest, we customize our products and services to fit your specific operational requirements. We evaluate your company’s strengths and identify opportunities for improvement to guide you toward those products that best fit your needs. Our extensive implementation process entails planning, design, and development of the appropriate products and systems, and our ongoing support ensures continued success and value into the future. We are passionate about what we do and understand that
our success is reflected in yours.

CIMS- Client Implementation Services

Exclusively offered by Cimquest to ensure a smooth and seamless product implementation success.
Our products and services are customized to fit each individual company’s needs. We use your existing strengths and weaknesses to determine which products will produce the greatest results. Our extensive implementation process will seamlessly assist your organization in planning, implementation, design and development of products and systems.

Cimquest has always been focused on customers. We know that the success of our business depends on your success, and have made it our mission to ensure that you not only get the right product for your needs, but also that months and years into the ownership, you continue to be successful with it. Through the years we have offered and continue to offer a number of customer programs to facilitate that mission.


How CIMS works for you:

Each new customer installation is assigned an Account Implementation Manager (AIM). Your AIM is a dedicated engineer/machinist whose goal is to aid in successfully guiding you through your customized product implementation schedule. Your AIM will process the initial evaluation of your organizational structure, industry and CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping needs. A report will be supplied to you indicating our analysis and recommendations.

The best part about the CIMS program is that it is simple and doesn’t cost you an additional dollar! A few days after purchase, your AIM will contact you to discuss when you should expect your delivery, what items you will receive and what the proper installation process entails. They will follow up after delivery to ensure that delivery was as expected and to answer any additional implementation questions or concerns. A few months later they again contact you to answer additional questions and be sure that things have continued to progress as you expected.

Of course Technical Support is always available as a part of your Subscription Service Program so that you can call in with questions, but this is an additional opportunity for us to ensure that you are continually and increasingly productive with the solution that we recommended. We know that you will find great success in our CIMS program and we intend to continue providing the same stellar products, support and services that you have come to expect from the team at Cimquest.

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