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Material Cartridges
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Foam Bases
(Dim 768 BST, Older Version) Qty 10 Foam Boards, 2 sided.
10x10 Modeling Bases
(Dim 1200ES SST/BST & Fortus 250)
Qty 24 plastic bases.
8x8 Modeling Bases (Dim Elite 768 SST/BST) Qty 24 plastic bases.
Soluble Concentrate
Quantity Type Comments Subtotal

Cases ( Dim SST and Elite)
Each case includes 12 bottles of powder concentrate.

Quantity Type Comments Subtotal
BST 1200 Support Tip Kit
BST 1200es Support Tip Kit
SST 1200 Support Tip Kit
SST 1200ES Support Tip Kit
Fortus 250 Tip Kit
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