3D Printing: Revolutionizing Surgery and Improving Outcomes

If 3D Printing has only one advantage it is the ability to produce complex, organic shapes. However usually one material is used and as you may have noticed, we don’t exactly feel like Lego’s, the stuff of most printers.

Imagine being able to replicate the exact procedure of transplanting a Kidney or of knowing EXACTLY how a face transplant will be connected because you already tried it out before you even got in the operating room. This has simply been impossible up until now. Traditional Medical Models are one size fits all. Humans are not.

The breakthrough is in being able to print and test patient specific anatomy. The absolute cutting edge of 3d Printing is in producing any shape, and now, in mimicking material properties, including those of tissue and bone.

In this video Scott Rader of Stratasys walks us through just a few ways Stratasys Connex printers have been able to cut time in surgery and improve outcomes.

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Jim Snodgrass
Jim Snodgrass graduated from Arizona State University in 2008 and assists in everything from Marketing to Prototyping to Business Development at Cimquest. He enjoys spending time with his wife and Son and occasionally making meager progress renovating his house.