Welcome to Cimquest 2.0

Welcome to Cimquest’s new and expanded headquarters in Branchburg, New Jersey. Today, Cimquest is the largest value added support organization in the United States that is focused on implementing and supporting Additive and Subtracting Manufacturing Solutions.

As a leading provider of Mastercam CAD/CAM software, Stratasys 3D Printing and Production Systems, 3D Printing Services and Training, Cimquest is driven by the need for world-leading technology. Cimquest has invested substantial resources in the expansion of our New Jersey headquarters in order to maintain focus on building a competitive edge and adapting to ever changing markets and customer needs. The new facility boasts a more than 75% increase in space that will accommodate Cimquest’s need for expanded manufacturing, sales, training and services and ensure ample square footage for expected future growth.

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