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Cimquest offers comprehensive training solutions for Mastercam at our office locations in NJ, MA, PA, NY and CT. Training course descriptions and prerequsites are shown here. If you have specific questions please contact our training coordinator at: 866-277-8778 ext. 2 or email



Mastercam Training Class Descriptions

Mastercam Mill Essentials

Duration: 4 Days
Prerequisite: Basic PC skills and general CNC mill setup and operation knowledge
New Mastercam Mill Students Pre Class Prep download

Our Instructor will mentor you in the basics of Mastercam icon functions, geometry and tool path creation that will lead to you to programming many different parts from start to finish. You will learn the foundational principles of basic 2½ axis tool paths and build upon them by programming many real world examples to develop your abilities. You will be able to create and work with basic 2D wireframe and then import and manipulate Solid models for tool path creation in drilling cycles, advanced pocketing, helical entry and the use of dynamic milling. Last you will be able to program rotary axis substitution and index units.

Mill Essentials covers the following topics:

  • Mastercam Interface and layout
  • Creating/Modifying 2D wireframe geometry
  • 2D drafting (notes, dimensions, etc.)
  • Transforming geometry (rotate, scale, etc.)
  • Levels control
  • Creating and manipulating Solid Models
  • Preparing to Machine – machine definition and properties
  • Tool Path Utilities – toolpath manager, verify, back plot and posting
  • 2D contouring, pocketing, and drilling
  • Chaining basics
  • Advance Geometry creation
  • Tool control (ramping, lead in/out)
  • Patterns
  • Helical entry
  • Dynamic Milling – advanced contouring and pocketing
  • Advanced drilling
  • Work offsets

Duration: 1/2 Day

Prerequisite: General Mastercam interface experience

Description: Our instructor will mentor you using fast and easy CAD techniques using Mastercam X9 Solids creation, manipulation of imported Solid models, and solid model preparation. Dramatically shorten your model creation time over the use of wire frame geometry and surfaces. Learn how to adjust and modify solid model features quickly with the push/pull feature and learn how quick and easily it is to work with solid assemblies using Solid Disassemble and Solid Position functions. Learn to create models faster so you can make chips sooner.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Solids extrude, revolve, loft
  • Push/pull
  • Split Faces
  • Disassemble, Position
  • Boolean Functions
  • Shell Command

Mastercam Mill 3 Axis

Duration: 3 Days
Prerequisite: Mastercam Mill Essentials

Learn to create and edit complex surfaces and curves, and then machine them using a variety of efficient toolpaths. Single and multiple surface machining is discussed. Other topics include pencil tracing, gap settings, tool boundaries, and drive surfaces.

Mill 3 Axis covers the following topics:

  • Creating/Modifying surfaces
  • Creating 3D curves
  • 3D wireframe contouring machining
  • Single surface machining
  • Multiple surface roughing & finishing
  • Gouge checking
  • Tool boundaries
  • Cut depths

Mastercam Mill 5 Axis

Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisite: Mastercam Mill 3 Axis

Learn simultaneous 4 & 5 axis machining operations, including flowline and swarf toolpaths, multi-surface techniques, and 5 axis drilling.

Mill 5 Axis covers the following topics:

  • Contouring
  • Drilling
  • Swarf
  • Flowline
  • Multi-surface
  • Filtering
  • Entry/exit
  • Tool control
  • Roughing / finishing parameters
  • Gouge checking

Mastercam Lathe Essentials

Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisite: Basic PC skills and general CNC lathe setup and operation knowledge
New Mastercam Lathe Students Pre Class Prep download

Learn Mastercam tools and techniques specific to CNC lathe operations. Get in-depth information regarding lathe toolpaths, including facing and grooving operations, stock transfer, and an introduction to C-axis machining. Learn how to use lathe tool libraries, create new tools, and use those tools to quickly and accurately turn new components.

Lathe covers the following topics:

  • Chaining techniques
  • Defining tools
  • Libraries
  • Posting
  • Operation manager
  • Tooling parameters
  • Toolpath

Mastercam Advanced Lathe

Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisite: Cimquest Lathe Essentials course and fundamental working knowledge of CNC lathe live tooling. Basics of C & Y axis setup and machining operation knowledge
Our Instructor will mentor you in moving forward beyond simple 2 axis turning and into Mastercam’s dedicated toolpaths for machines with live tooling capabilities. Topics will include 2D and 3D geometry creation and manipulation, Setup and use of planes and axis combinations, and the use of Mastercam’s “Cview utility” for accessing more advanced milling tool paths.. The course will round out with an introduction to advanced part handling (i.e. – pickoff/cutoff & part transfer operations) and an introduction to custom tool definition for turning and milling.

Advanced Lathe covers the following topics:

  • Moving from 2D to 3D geometry
  • Plane setup
  • C Axis toolpaths
  • The C-view utility
  • An intro to Custom Tools

Mastercam Wire

Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisite: none

Learn the basics of the Mastercam CAD and drafting tools, as well as the tools and techniques specific to creating and managing efficient wirepaths. 2-axis contour and 4-axis synchronization, multiple contour, custom lead-in and lead-out, tab creation, and verification are some of the subjects discussed.

Wire covers the following topics:

  • Wirepath basics
  • Contour chaining concepts
  • Advanced editing concepts
  • No core toolpaths
  • 4 axis toolpaths

Duration: 3 Days

Prerequisites: Minimum basic experience working with Solidworks or completing  a SolidWorks Essentials Course and basic CNC mill operation experience.

Description: With previous SolidWorks experience, students will learn how to navigate Mastercam inside of SolidWorks then focus on aspects of 2D tool paths, tool path verification, advance pocketing and contouring. Last, feature based machining, tool libraries and rotary axis programming will be covered to develop the student’s skill set.

Course Topics:

  • Mastercam for SolidWorks interface
  • Screen layout & icons
  • Chaining and surface selection
  • Toolpath parameters and Utilities
  • 2D contouring, pocketing, drilling
  • Tool control (ramping, lead in/out)
  • Back plotting and post processing
  • Intro to WCS
  • Job setup
  • Customizing and System configuration
  • Level management
  • Patterns
  • 3D contouring using wireframe geometry
  • Helical entry
  • Advanced contouring and pocketing
  • Advanced drilling
  • Feature Based Machining
  • High speed & dynamic tool paths
  • Libraries (saving / loading)
  • Work offsets
  • Rotary axis substitution
  • Indexing and tombstones

Mastercam Advanced Router

Duration: 1 Day
Prerequisite: Mastercam Mill Essentials

Learn how to program block drills, aggregate tools, perform nesting and engraving, as well as other advanced router techniques.

Update covers the following topics:

  • Changes to user interface
  • New features

Mastercam Posts

Duration: 2 Days
Prerequisite: Familiarity with Mastercam and an understanding of basic G-Codes.

Learn how to create and edit post processors in order to customize G-code output for your specific machines.

Posts covers the following topics:

  • Machine and control definitions
  • Post structure
  • Hard coding and string usage
  • Basic variable manipulation
  • Format statements and value manipulation
  • Formulas
  • Post questions
  • Lookup tables

Stratasys Training

Learn the how to utilize your Stratasys 3D Printer and Production Systems. You will learn how to use Insight and CatalystEX software. Cimquest’s trainers will teach you the different printing properties as well as all areas of the software and hardware functionality. There will be an in-depth approach to maintaining your machine, loading and unloading material and basic troubleshooting tips.




Course Title: Dimension uPrint

Prerequisite: General knowledge of Microsoft Windows navigation

A Cimquest 3D Printer Technician will install and setup your your uPrint or Dimension printer, then instruct how to operate your Dimension or uPrint 3D Printer. This training will teach you how to use the CatalystEX software, including loading STL models, selecting different printing properties and how to analyze each layer of the build. Next, you’ll learn to how to load and unload material and cover basic troubleshooting tips. Last, you’ll learn an in-depth approach to maintaining your Dimension or uPrint.

Course Details:

  • Opening a STL
  • Choosing properties
  • .010 layers
  • Analyzing the slices
  • Identification of potential problems
  • Add to Pack, placing a part on the board prior to printing
  • Why location is important
  • Printing a part
  • Printer Status and Queue
  • Printer Services
  • Printer Status Notification and Part Summary
  • CatalystEX updates
  • View and save print history
  • Exporting Configuration File
  • Setting Printer Time and Password
  • Printer Tip Odometer

uPrint by Dimension

  • Loading/unloading plastic substrate
  • Loading/unloading material and support spools
  • The advantage of a second material bay
  • Life expectancy of a material spools
  • System Maintenance
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Flicker/Tip-Wipe Replacement
  • Head/Tip Maintenance Cover removal
  • Tip replacement
  • Removing excess material
  • Replacing shrouds
  • Table Maintenance
  • Removing a part when done
  • Reasons for a failed part Power loss/interruption (this will typically be a clean part that simply did not finish)
  • Support/model failure (model or support gets clogged and fail to print. Typically there will be a lot of excess material or support on the model base – “rats nest”)
  • Too thin of walls
  • Catalyst fails to add material because walls are too thin Too high – if part is tall and thin it may flex as the material is being placed on the part.
  • Daily/Weekly/Quarterly Maintenance
Duration: 1 Day
Prerequisite:  General knowledge of Microsoft Windows navigation
Description: Learn the how to utilize your Dimension Printer. This training will teach you how use the CatalystEX software. You will learn about the different printing properties. We will analyze each layer of the build. We will educate you all areas of the software functionality. There will be a hands-on approach to maintaining your Dimension Printer. You will be trained how to load and unload material. We will go over basic troubleshooting. By the end of this class, you will be a proficient Dimension user.

Dimension Retraining covers the following topics:


  • Slicing an STL file
  • Analyzing the slices and identification of potential problems
  • Why location is important
  • Printing a part


  • Loading/unloading material and support
  • Head Maintenance
  • Tip Maintenance (BST/SST-1200)
  • Table Maintenance
  • Reasons for a failed part
Duration: 2 Days for Fortus 250/360/380/400/450/900
Prerequisite: Experience with the Windows™ operating system, a basic knowledge of rapid prototyping using the FDM process.
Description: The Insight training course teaches you how to export/import a quality stl model, process it for printing, and customize the printing tool paths to get specific results. For the large format machines it covers operation and basic maintenance of the machine.
Insight training covers the following topics:

  • Software interface
  • Model export/import
  • Model orientation
  • Slicing the model
  • Modifying and fixing slice files
  • Generating supports
  • Generating tool paths
  • Creating custom tool paths
  • Submitting the model to the machine
Prerequisite: Insight Training
Description: This class will teach you the foundation operations and maintenance procedures for the Fortus line of 3D Printing Systems including Fortus 250, 360, 380, 400, 450 and 900.
Fortus Operation covers (Fortus 250, 360, 380, 400, 450 or 900 machines):

  • Fortus control navigation
  • Operation – load, run and unloading parts
  • Basic maintenance – machine, tips, and head
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